Ministry Management

Ministry Management Services

Who We Serve:

  • Churches
  • Christian Ministries
  • Missionaries
  • Other Nonprofit Organizations


  • Accounting Software Help
  • Form 990 Filing & Reporting
  • Compensation Analysis & Planning
  • Government Payroll Compliance
  • Tax Exempt Status & Reporting
  • Financial Safeguards
    • Improving Controls
    • Arranging Internal Audits
  • Organizational Checkup


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Offering Collection and Count Procedures

Having attended and ministered to several congregations during my professional career, I have found that many church leaders are acutely aware of the need for sound offering collection and count policies and procedures. For the most part, the procedures designed by these churches were appropriate; however, often the manner in which they were carried out was not. Further, the purpose for their careful observance was ambiguous. Churches need a biblical foundation for offering collection and count policies. A church’s leadership ought to consider several policies when drafting or modifying its procedures.